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Sometimes the very best things can be found on your doorstep, why do we crave to travel many miles to see something different when its right there, just in front of your nose.

During this difficult ‘lockdown’ period I have really been soul searching and trying to find answers to questions yest to be asked. One is Why o why do we have to drive miles to find the highest mountain passing many others on the way, travel miles along busy roads to find a new footpath. Yes we all do it and that is the reality, at heart we are all explorers but sometimes it really is worth taking a step back and have a good look what you have withing walking distance of your own home, you would be very surprised.

Today’s walk is a 4.2 mile circular walk from  home, Rhosydd & Rhosydd Bach, it follows a very easy route mostly on small country lanes and a small stretch on a busy main road- well busy by our standards, one car every 3-4 minutes.

We live right at the heart of the Llŷn Peninsula , Pen Llŷn as we call it in our native tongue. We are in a very open piece of fine rural farm land between the villages of Llannor and Rhosfawr. Llannor is our postal address but many in the are prefer to say they live in Rhosfawr, creates a bit of confusion at times. Most farming around here tends to be mixed livestock, beef and Lamb  on small traditional family owned farms with one or to dairy herds as well.

Traditional working farms are great, they waste nothing and work with the land rather than against it. One lovely trait we have around here is the old traditional iron riveted gates. Most are either 9′ wide or 12′ wide , you’d struggle to get anything through those today but what many have done is left the gates and just wired them up and opened another new entrance at a more convenient place, especially on the main roads. Imagine driving stock out and along a main ‘A road’ today, military operation to close it either side, then get the stock across it so many have been done away with and better access at other places.

What many have done is use the existing gate, widened the entrance and welded a piece of old gate on to it, sometimes they are awful but sometimes it takes a while to see it. Its a case of being sustainable – before  such a word existed, and make do with what you have rather than always buying new. So next time you are out, keep your eyes peeled in the hedgerow for wire up gates and realise how small the entrance is compared to today’s  and even better see if you can find a ‘widened  gate’ .

This time of the year the hedgerows are simply amazing , the explosion of color and contrasts between the tapestry of varying shades  green foliage, new growth  and vibrant bright flower. Nature at its very best. The freshly mown silage fields always look good and are a sign of summer yet the field next door might not have been touched for centuries with its collection of docks and nettles in the corner, a true patchwork quilt landscape.

Sometimes its worth slowing down a pace or two  and really look hard at what is around and various objects and  structures come bouncing out. I love to see the old hen houses, sheds and garages built out of galvanized sheets, well looked after as if they are the crown Jewels, somehow all having  their own distinctive  style and specific colour . Have you ever wondered what that small stone building is in the trees , it has to be something important in its day as it took some building, now derelict and sad , redundant from use and to small for anything today, the mind is always working overtime .

So back we headed after a good couple of hours in our own backyard, nice cup of tea and some cake.

Remember , next time whan planning a walk , look what is local and walk round with your eyes wide open and questioning why it looks the way it does.


thank you for reading


Ger x

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