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14/05/2020 by

During these unprecidented times I have been confined to the boundaries of Rhosydd Bach. An ideal time to catch up on some maintenance, some exiting new developments and of course the kitchen garden.

The Kitchen garden is an integral part of our lives and the cottages, our guests love to pop along for a chat, pick a few sprigs of mint, maybe some fresh new potatoes for supper with that lovely fresh crab the bought in Pwllheli. Well the kids just love the peas, no matter how many rows we plant they never seem to make it to the freezer. But hey ho, what is then better than watching children shelling fresh peas and devouring them as they would a bag of m&m’s.


We have been living off Rhubarb fools , crumble and tarts for the past few weeks, yes, plenty here. Gooseberries and currants should be ready in a few weeks and for the first year it also looks like we might have some fresh blueberries. A long time coming as the blueberries have been planted 7 years now and very slow to develop fruit.


On the veg side, we have just finished the last of the winter cabbages and now starting to enjoy our own home grown lettuce leaves mix. May is always a difficult time for produce – seems to fall in between both winter and summer. weather has been splendid so we are well ahead this year. Onions , broad beans, potatoes are all in . Taken a risk and sown some beetroot, baby turnips, peas and carrots direct outside. Whilst in the potting shed the tomatoes, brassicas, and various beans are well ahead. Just planted squashes and cucumbers this week so lest see how it goes .

Project for the coming weeks will be the development of a new asparagus bed as well as a new globe artichoke bed, big fan of asparagus but never having tried or eaten globe artichokes, will be interesting.

i will keep you informed of the progress and hopefully we can welcome you here soon to share some produce .

buy for now

Ger x




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