Green Tourism – Recycling old timber

02/10/2023 by

What does it mean to be green , truth is it means something different to every single one of us. To some its investing in a new electric vehicle, to some its doing away with a vehicle altogether, to others is food miles or solar panels. We are all different. But if we all do something, think about our actions then it will all help us to develop a fulfilling, sustainable community environment. We here at Rhosydd Bach have always embraced sustainability and the environment. Having been brought up in the countryside of Pen Llŷn, it was something we always did, foraged for food, collecting berries, fungi, stealing apples. Harvesting game, rabbits etc. Rather than buying something new, have a look round to see if there something we can repurpose.

So as you can see being sustainable comes as second nature. Don’t get me wrong, we could do a lot more and we have plans in place to do so but we will always d those little things that helps make a difference.

A few weeks ago we build a small gate entrance with recycled rails , posts and timber. The only new things were screws and wood stain.

Here is a small video documenting the process.

There are so many things we could all do to help being sustainable, many of them saving us money.

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