Green Tourism – Small things make all the difference

29/09/2023 by

Old teapots

I came across a novel idea recently, how many of you have old teapots in the back of the cupboard, redundant, never to see the light of day ever again. How about turning them in to nesting boxes for our wildlife. They could be hung in a sheltered spot and would make an awesome art instillation in a sheltered copse of trees. Could be attached to a fence somehow in your garden, make sure they are high enough so as the local cat population does not utilise it as the latest takeaway.

Reuse, repurpose and recycle – it todays climate of waste, this one little thing you can take action on to help nature and the environment.

Just think about it, its rot proof and has its own build in drainage system.

Some garden centers are actually selling teapot nesting boxes now for a lot more money than the teapot itself.

They are ideal for Robins , as they love an open but sheltered nesting site. So have a rummage through the back of your cupboards , ask your grandmother or pick up some cheap teapots at the local car boot sale.

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