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31/01/2022 by

Well, here I am again , been a few months since I have posted one of my blogs and I know I must make more of an effort.

In any case it was a lovely Friday afternoon, sun shining low trough the study window so I said to myself, come on Ger, get yourself out there for an explore, looked at Crazy Nel and she agreed, mind you when shaking the lead she would agree to anything…… destination Ffynon Cybi.

Ffynon Gybi is situated in the most tranquil of valleys behind the wonderful church of Saint Cybi beneath Garn Bentyrch in the Village of Llangybi. It is a holy well and the only well in Llyn to be granted grade 1 listed status and is in the care of CADW. There is some confusion about the original date of the well , Lord Harlech suggests that is dates from the early Christian period (Illustrated regional guides to North Wales vol 1) CADW is more cautious with dating quoting is as being ‘this building is of indeterminate date’ . RCAHMW maintains that the whole site dates from the mid 18th century.

You can reach it one of two ways, one by the footpath by the main junction in the road and follow the paths across the fields and down to the river, the other by following the footpath through and around the lovely church. As you see the river then you will see an old stone walkway acting as a bridge and a stone path leading to the well itself.

There are two buildings, both adjoining , the first one being the well itself and the second being the cottage, walk inside and you will see a sunken pool surrounded by a narrow walkway with recesses sunken in the wall, these acted as seats, and steps leading down to the pool itself. Behind the main building is a smaller building where the spring rises and flows through into the main chamber. It then flows out down a ditch in to another building about 50 yards away , this being a latrine(toilet) where the waste was swilled down to the river.

Cottage itself must originally have had an attic as well as a fireplace, the well was renowned for curing all sorts of illnesses and guests used to stay in the cottage, bathe in the well, drink is water as well as drinking local seawater for up to 10 days at a time .Tales used to say that an eel lived in the well and would wrap itself around the legs of the ill, eel are reputed only to live in the cleanest and purest of waters, some also say that the eel was once caught and with it all the healing powers disappeared too.Another tale is that local girls used to visit the well and consult its waters as to suitability and virtue of their prospective lovers. They dropped their handkerchiefs in the water and if it moved south then the gentlemen were honest and honourable in their intentions, if it moved north then they were to be avoided. Water was also used for baptism in the local church.(further info can be forum in the fantastic book – The Ancient Wells of Llyn by Rolan Bond)

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