Exploring ‘Trwyn Bodeilias’

07/02/2020 by

Quarrying is a major part of the history of the area , all aspects of life, the land, the people , its our heritage and culture , be it slate further inland or here on the north coast of the Llyn – Granite.

Granite has been quarried here since the 1650’s say some but the late 1800 was its heyday. To those who know me I am an avid explore and love the history of our quarries and here I am today exploring an old quarry and its small dock known as ‘Trwyn Bodeilias’ .

This is just off the coastal path but can be accessed from the beach at ‘Wern’ just above Nefyn but of course I had other plans , I’ve always wanted to come in to the dock from the other side .

Now , just for the record , I didn’t know it was private land and that big black bull could run that fast  …. , in any case I digress .

I parked up at the Layby just before the village of Pistyll and wondered down the coastal path and then wondered off towards the headland , bit wet there , evil Nel was not impressed having brown socks on her off white coat . From the top of the headland you can see the remains of the old loading dock and here is also the remains of an old pier in the water. Upon closer inspection it was not easy to get down , I carried on and found myself with an option , either retrace my steps all the way back or turn in to Bear Grylls mode and do some gully scrambling , minus the waterproofs I hasten to add . Now imagine a strapping 18 stone lad going down here on his backside carrying the ‘evil Nel’ in ones arms , what a sight , we got down eventually and time to crack open the flask. I think poor Nel was more in need of coffee than me , well she never asked – just helped herself . Having been recharged we carried on and explored the rest of the dock , back down to the beach and made our way back up past Wern and back to the car . We did revisit 2 weeks later with my daughter but took the normal – hate that word normal, hate normal really , its no fun is it , in any case went along the beach and trust me its a lot easier .



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