Eglwys St Beuno, Pistyll .

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 St Beuno, Pistyll, Pen Llŷn .

The roots of this wonderful church date back to the 6th century, It was a popular stop off point on the famous Pilgrims trail to Ynys Enlli, named after St Beuno.
The current church mostly dates from the 15th century, some of it possibly from the 12th. The roof was thatched until the early 20th century, when a slate roof was added. Holes for the ropes which secured the thatch are visible in the timbers.

Inside are rough stone cast walls and a very old wooden beam ceiling. The walls used to be covered with plaster. On the north wall, in a surround of yew branches, is the remains of the medieval plaster with a crude red ochre wall painting, thought to be St Christopher, the patron saint of travelers.  At the back of the church is a round stone font thought to be 12thC. It has a Celtic swirl pattern round the bowl.

The church floor is traditionally covered with rushes and herbs.   On one of the walls inside is an ancient wall painting depicting two people. Services are held monthly in the church, on Christmas Eve and to celebrate Lammas in August.
Buried in the churchyard is actor Rupert Davies (1916-1976), best known for playing the detective Maigret on television.

In modern Welsh, Pistyll means fountain. Here the place-name refers to a spring below the farm near the church.


h .Pistyll Church

A truly wonderful little church.



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