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Croeso / Welcome

Our four luxury courtyard holiday cottages are set in 8-acres of private land and gardens in an idyllic countryside location near the market town of Pwllheli on the Llŷn Peninsula in Gwynedd, North Wales.

The cottages are decorated and furnished to the highest specifications and are perfect for “getting away from it all” holidays in peaceful surroundings, benefiting from a children’s playground, barbecue areas and private parking. The coastal resorts of Pwllheli and Nefyn, many stunning beaches, pubs/restaurants and shopping facilities are all within a 10-minute drive. The Snowdonia National Park is within a 30-minute drive.

Ideal for larger families and group of friends who enjoy holidaying together whilst still enjoying their own privacy. Bed linen, gas, electricity and Wi-Fi is included in the price, as is full use of our extensive kitchen garden, seasonal herbs, fruit and vegetables. Strictly no smoking in the holiday cottages please. Small pets welcome by prior arrangement.

Geraint Jones

Storm Ciara , Y Prom – Pwllheli

Its been a rough few days here on the Llyn but if being honest we got away lightly compared to parts of Eryri(snowdonia) Llanrwst was very badly affected,and then our good friend up in North Yorkshire,Carleton,Hebden Bridge,Shap in Cumbria to only name a few.

A big problem we have always had at Pwllheli is that of mother nature trying to take back what was once hers,over the years various schemes have been put in to place on the Promenade from building walls  to developing dunes,landscaping and further along towards the golf ,stone defenses .

During last week’s storm the pinnacle of the storm coincided with a relatively high tide early morning, within 24 hours the level of the beach has dropped by a good 8′ in height as can be seen by the following photos, it has happened before and who knows, the sand might come back, one thing it certain, don’t take mother nature for granted.

who knows what the future holds .


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Mynydd Tir Y Cwmwd

It was 2 pm just had lunch and having been in the office since 6 am I thought to myself  ‘cabin fever’ I need to get out.

We headed over to Llanbedrog and did a quick circuit of Mynydd Tir Y Cwmwd – a favorite walk of mine, at times can be busy but due to the threats of  storm Ciara approaching it was a very quiet walk, even all the wildlife was hiding awaiting the destructive path of the storm.

Best place to park is by the Church hall, head up small lane on the left then take a small path again on the left through a kissing gate, the views of the Plas and surrounding areas always amazes me up here, from then on just follow the well signposted route until you arrive on the right hand side of the headland. I’m not going to give exact, meter by meter instructions on here, plenty of books out there that will do that for you. One tip leave your smartphone out for this trip as you will no doubt take hundreds of photos, on a good day its a truly splendid place. On the right hand side you can see Abersoch in the distance and the not so aesthetically pleasing view of The Warren, a posh caravan park to all intents and purposes. However. this does give you an insight about where it’s derived its name ‘The Warren’ from, trust me, if you spent some time there it drives you nuts, chalet a12 is normally found between a11 and a14 but not here, can be found above d14 no doubt, even with their site map it is a challenge on a par to finishing that 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle with half a dozen pieces missing. I’m convinced the original designer of the site was a very bored if humorous  person with a great passion in puzzles…

Carrying on, once past this point it turns quite bleak, no trees or cover just acres upon acres of heather and dead standing bracken, in parts you could even think your on top of a moor up north.

Just under the headland there are three old granite quarries which can be accessed from the beach (at certain states of the tide) there were very productive between the 1870 – 1950 , it used to be transported out by sea, you can still see the remains of the landing jetty on the aptly named Quarry beach. As you come to the end of the headland you will notice a shift in the terrain and fauna, the occasional tree, some rhododendrons, more trees and you are then back in civilization. Find the iconic Iron man, sit yourself down and have a cup of whatever you drink , in my case – good coffee , well Nel certainly thinks so!  Again the views are something else…Its is one of the most taken photos on the Llyn – family stood next to the Iron man, he is now the 3rd version overlooking  ‘Traeth Llanbedrog’.

From here you have two options, both include a few steps, you can either take a right, straight down to the beach or carry on and follow the tracks through ‘The Winllan’ and down to the magnificent Plas.

The ‘Plas’ as we call it is more than an art gallery, it is an outstanding  art & heritage centre by now hosting all sort of events from wonderful exhibitions, fantastic outdoor theatre productions, workshops and a superb cafe and tea room to relax in. Originally built for the widow of the late Sir Love Jones Parry  in 1857, from the nearby Madryn Estate. It was designed by the well renowned Irish architect Henry Kennedy, some might say it has very Gothic overtones,a very attractive building it is.  Changed hands a few times before being owned by a charitable trust  who also run it as Oriel Plas Glyn Y Weddw.

From here walk down to the road,turn right,carry on up and we are back where we  started.



Exploring ‘Trwyn Bodeilias’

Quarrying is a major part of the history of the area , all aspects of life, the land, the people , its our heritage and culture , be it slate further inland or here on the north coast of the Llyn – Granite.

Granite has been quarried here since the 1650’s say some but the late 1800 was its heyday. To those who know me I am an avid explore and love the history of our quarries and here I am today exploring an old quarry and its small dock known as ‘Trwyn Bodeilias’ .

This is just off the coastal path but can be accessed from the beach at ‘Wern’ just above Nefyn but of course I had other plans , I’ve always wanted to come in to the dock from the other side .

Now , just for the record , I didn’t know it was private land and that big black bull could run that fast  …. , in any case I digress .

I parked up at the Layby just before the village of Pistyll and wondered down the coastal path and then wondered off towards the headland , bit wet there , evil Nel was not impressed having brown socks on her off white coat . From the top of the headland you can see the remains of the old loading dock and here is also the remains of an old pier in the water. Upon closer inspection it was not easy to get down , I carried on and found myself with an option , either retrace my steps all the way back or turn in to Bear Grylls mode and do some gully scrambling , minus the waterproofs I hasten to add . Now imagine a strapping 18 stone lad going down here on his backside carrying the ‘evil Nel’ in ones arms , what a sight , we got down eventually and time to crack open the flask. I think poor Nel was more in need of coffee than me , well she never asked – just helped herself . Having been recharged we carried on and explored the rest of the dock , back down to the beach and made our way back up past Wern and back to the car . We did revisit 2 weeks later with my daughter but took the normal – hate that word normal, hate normal really , its no fun is it , in any case went along the beach and trust me its a lot easier .



Trwyn Penychain

Another fine little walk is  ‘Trwyn Penychain’ , its a lovely little ramble and loads to see .

The day started well , flask of my finest coffee, some biscuits  and some decent weather and then it went downhill . I parked up in the usual place , find a spot down the lane near Penychain station or on the top somewhere (small car park). its a nice stroll down the track , past the railway station  and you can see an old water pump on your right , the station looks like something out of Heartbeat- a throwback to the 60’s. The only people ever to use this station are the guests of the very popular Haven holiday park – the poor souls have to lug their luggage all the way up to the main road and round to the main entrance – normally in the rain, not that it rains that much here in sunny Wales… , this really is a ‘one horse stop’. Us locals still call it Butlins  as it was one of  the original Billy Butlins holiday park , he actually resided in a large estate opposite known as Broom Hall , but powers at be don’t like us calling it that anymore  – far to posh  .

In any case to carry on  and you go through the newly developed haven golf course which has been built  on the old ‘Asbestos Valley’ , i’m not even going there …, and then eventually you end up on the headland known as Penychain,  this is where the fun starts. Of course Nel is normally a very loyal and obedient dog but she does have her moments,  I let her off , we are on a headland , sea one side , no livestock , what could possibly go wrong , at this point I go to explore an old world war two shelter and then head back to the top of the mound . Nel, where is Nel I thought to myself , no sign of her , I called, I shouted , I screamed – 30 mins later still no Nell , my mind was spinning  , the thoughts of going   home and explaining to my lovely wife   ‘Oh , by the way wifey , i’ve sort of mislaid Nel … well , sort of lost her  , could see my life flashing in front of my eyes . Another 20 mins and still no sign .  In desperation I sat down and had a cup of my lovely coffee and opened a biscuit and to my amazement who turned up but the evil white demon  Nel , of course dogs and food go hand in hand – and she nicks my coffee , to this day I have no idea where she went .

Back over the headland , on the beach and headed back across the dunes .Back on the the  rutted, pot holed track . Now here is another one , who remembers as children walking through puddles with wellies , well I had my scarpas on so I had to try out their waterproofing properties so thru the puddles I go , what a lot of fun – if anyone were to see me , my god, and like out of the famous  Vicer of Dibley scene I jumped in to a rather large one and sank 18″ well over my boots , my feet , socks and trousers were soaking .   I quickly headed back to the car and home it was with wet feet and reunited dog .

As i said earlier , a nice little walk .

Dogs are a man’s best friend .

No doubt you will see me out and about exploring the coast and paths of the Llyn , accompanied no doubt by my four legged friends .  Sali Bach as she is known by everyone around these parts is getting towards being 20 years old and still going , terrorized by her younger demon friend ‘Crazy Nel’. A walk wouldn’t be a walk without the company of a good dog , yes they will finish off my sandwiches , pinch my last bit of chocolate , the evil one even drinks my ‘dark roast’ – i’m sure that’s what she is on in the middle photo ……

but we wouldn’t be without them would we …❤❤


A walk down the ‘Afon Dwyfor’

This is a stunning little 2 mile circular walk . Take the first right after the agri Park , drive down the small lane and park up at the far end by the bridge . Take the well signposted footpath on the right hand side of the river . Cross the railway bridge – don’t hang around as the train won’t stop for you. Carry on and just keep the river to your left all the way to the mouth of the estuary . This is a good spot to get the flask of coffee out and take 10 mins to contemplate the meaning of life . Over the mouth you can see Criccieth Castle in the distance. I was sat here once and a group of walkers came towards me from Pwllheli , quite irate as they had missed the turning for the coastal path , one of them started rolling his trousers up , he was going to wade the mouth of the estuary , I just took another mouthful of my dark roast  and politely told him ‘I wouldn’t do that unless you want a nice long ride in a fast boat ‘, he replied ‘what do you mean ‘  well ,  you wade across there and you’ll be a half a mile out to sea in 20 mins and its a bumpy ride back in the ‘atlantic 75 ‘ lifeboat .  Don’t think he saw the funny side as they retraced their steps back to the coastal path.

In any case , after coffee is dispensed with , follow the beach back leaving the sea to your left until you come to the cottage by the sea , follow the steps up and then cut across the fields back to the path , its well signposted – well big red arrows on boulders , cross the railway again and head back to the car .

Again , a lovely little walk .

Gilfach Ddu – Llanberis

This is  a favorite of mine , Gilfach Ddu is the name of the old slate workshops which served the various quarries above and around it , it is the home of the world renowned  National Slate Museum . I really needed to get out on this Sunday as I had previously had a bit of an argument with the back of a van resulting in a badly twisted knee , it’s relatively flat in places so served its purpose well for me . Admission is free for the museum but you will have to pay for parking . The quarry you can see is the old Vivian Quarry , how a very deep pit and just above it is a lovely walk up to the quarry hospital . You must visit the cafe in the museum , good food at superb value .

Facebook Prize Winner

Before Christmas we ran a ‘likes’ competition on our facebook page , when we reached 3000 likes  we chose a winner from random , the winner for this competition

was Becky – all the way from Dinas , all of 5 miles away .   She came to stay with us in early January , bringing her husband and children along on the Friday night and then a group of her

ultra running friends on the Saturday evening – pictured below . She even made them go on a 5 mile hike on the Sunday morning .

I hope you all enjoyed yourselves .


this could be you next time – keep an eye out for the competitions

ger x