Trwyn Penychain

07/02/2020 by

Another fine little walk is  ‘Trwyn Penychain’ , its a lovely little ramble and loads to see .

The day started well , flask of my finest coffee, some biscuits  and some decent weather and then it went downhill . I parked up in the usual place , find a spot down the lane near Penychain station or on the top somewhere (small car park). its a nice stroll down the track , past the railway station  and you can see an old water pump on your right , the station looks like something out of Heartbeat- a throwback to the 60’s. The only people ever to use this station are the guests of the very popular Haven holiday park – the poor souls have to lug their luggage all the way up to the main road and round to the main entrance – normally in the rain, not that it rains that much here in sunny Wales… , this really is a ‘one horse stop’. Us locals still call it Butlins  as it was one of  the original Billy Butlins holiday park , he actually resided in a large estate opposite known as Broom Hall , but powers at be don’t like us calling it that anymore  – far to posh  .

In any case to carry on  and you go through the newly developed haven golf course which has been built  on the old ‘Asbestos Valley’ , i’m not even going there …, and then eventually you end up on the headland known as Penychain,  this is where the fun starts. Of course Nel is normally a very loyal and obedient dog but she does have her moments,  I let her off , we are on a headland , sea one side , no livestock , what could possibly go wrong , at this point I go to explore an old world war two shelter and then head back to the top of the mound . Nel, where is Nel I thought to myself , no sign of her , I called, I shouted , I screamed – 30 mins later still no Nell , my mind was spinning  , the thoughts of going   home and explaining to my lovely wife   ‘Oh , by the way wifey , i’ve sort of mislaid Nel … well , sort of lost her  , could see my life flashing in front of my eyes . Another 20 mins and still no sign .  In desperation I sat down and had a cup of my lovely coffee and opened a biscuit and to my amazement who turned up but the evil white demon  Nel , of course dogs and food go hand in hand – and she nicks my coffee , to this day I have no idea where she went .

Back over the headland , on the beach and headed back across the dunes .Back on the the  rutted, pot holed track . Now here is another one , who remembers as children walking through puddles with wellies , well I had my scarpas on so I had to try out their waterproofing properties so thru the puddles I go , what a lot of fun – if anyone were to see me , my god, and like out of the famous  Vicer of Dibley scene I jumped in to a rather large one and sank 18″ well over my boots , my feet , socks and trousers were soaking .   I quickly headed back to the car and home it was with wet feet and reunited dog .

As i said earlier , a nice little walk .

2 thoughts on “Trwyn Penychain”

  1. Eifiona says:

    Fysa chdi yn parcio yn ymyl butlins? Am drio neud hon wsnos yma, heb gael socsan 🤣

    1. Geraint Jones says:

      Lle Gora i troi lawr a ma naychydig o le wrth yr orsaf tren .

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